The 'S.C. Bandits' Girls Fast Pitch Class 'A' Traveling Organization was formed in 1990 with one 18 and Under Team, a 16 and Under age group was added in 1996; a 14 and Under age group was added in 1997, a 12 and Under team was added in 2000.


The Purpose of the organization is to help it's members achieve academic excellence through guidance, assistance and planning maturity through travel, interaction with teammates and others, and exposure to discipline and new situations, and in addition to develop athletic proficiency in Fast Pitch Softball.


We encourage and demand a good positive attitude through positive reinforcement.


It is the 'S.C. Bandits' Organization's Goal to develop confident young ladies who will continue their education and become our future business and community leaders.


It is also a Goal of the 'S.C. Bandits' Organization to develop excellent, well trained, disciplined Fast Pitch Softball Players.


Attitude, Effort, and Desire to Improve are the main criteria for selection to become a 'S.C. Bandit'. However, in order to join the organization, a girl must be academically eligible in her school studies, preferably with a 3.0 ('B' average) or higher Grade Point Average.


Each age group of the 'S.C. Bandits' is committed to playing in seven to ten tournaments a summer, plus fall clinics, and fall and winter tournaments. It varies with each age group, but the 18 and Under group will average 50 to 75 or more tournament games a year Fast Pitch Experience.