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Changes in SAT/ACT

The SAT and ACT have made changes to their tests; one of the most significant changes is the addition of a writing component. On both the SAT and ACT, students will be asked to write an essay. The SAT writing section is mandatory, while the ACT writing section is optional. 

The SAT will now have three parts: critical reading (formerly known as verbal), mathematics, and writing. Since each section is worth 200-800 points, the SAT score will now range from 600-2400. 

Will the NCAA require a writing test as part of its initial-eligibility requirements? 

The NCAA has determined that the writing component should not be required at the present time. The NCAA has noted the importance of reviewing research related to the impact of the writing component. 

How will the eligibility center use the scores on the new SAT? 

The eligibility center will combine the critical reading and math sections for the combined score. The writing section will not be used. The eligibility center will use scores from the new SAT in combination with scores from the current SAT for the combined score. 

What about ACT? 

ACT is also adding a writing component, but the ACT writing component is optional. The scores on the ACT will remain the same. 

Where can I get more information? 

The College Board has information about the new SAT on its Web site at and ACT has information at 

Specific questions regarding any of the information on this page may be answered by contacting the eligibility center staff at 877/262-1492. 

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