Each member of the South Carolina Bandits Organization has the Responsibility to:


To treat everyone fairly during any activity with the organization, regardless of race, creed, color, sexual orientation, political beliefs, religious beliefs, or economic status. 

To treat opponents and officials with due respect and encourage other athletes to temper their emotions if they seem to be getting out of hand.

To keep in mind that profanity, insults and verbal harassment are not to be tolerated towards a coach, umpire, fans, opponents or parents. 

To develop high personal standards and project a favorable image of themselves and the organization. 

To follow the training routines and team rules as set forth by the coaches and directors of the organization. 

To abide by the rules of the sport of fast pitch softball, as well as the spirit of the rules, and encourage your teammates and fans to do so as well. 

To know the role sport plays in your life as well as the life of the athletes you come in contact with. 

To respect the pressures that may be placed on yourself and other athletes as you strive to balance the physical, emotional, spiritual, and mental elements of your lives.